Friday, August 24, 2007

My Posts in regard to Atheists

The question:

If you have no problem with atheists, why do you semi-constantly bitch about them?

I don't agree with the faith beliefs of atheism, but that has no coorelation with how I feel about *people* who are atheists. I have friends and family who are atheists, and I love them like I do everyone else. I can honestly say that I feel no contempt for anyone who discusses these issues in the blogosphere either. Sure, I get a little riled up when I carry on conversations with some of those who fall into the anti-theist category because I don't understand the hypocrisy of their position in many instances. But, in general, I love discussions about various faith beliefs and I can do it without any inkling of disrespect for the person I'm talking with. I feel no hatred or dislike for atheists, I merely disagree with their worldview. In fact, I find conversations about atheism fascinating, and they prompt me to put my own beliefs under a microscope.

But, I will stand up to the militant atheist who feels it is their mission in life to take a stand for anti-theism. They are often nasty, demeaning, and degrading to anyone who does not toe the atheist mentality. I will firmly and quite deliberately point out their hyprocrisy in regard to how they treat their opponents. Their bigotry and intolerance is no different than the most ardent, rabid anti-atheist religious fundamentalist. So, I do tend to hold up a mirror for them to peer into on occassion. This is not dislike or hatred for them on my part, but a way in which to urge them to consider that their goal for a "world without religion" is as dangerous as any theocracy that they may fear.

Quite frequently, I'll run across a person who is able to carry on an intelligent and interesting conversation about atheism, and I enjoy those discussions immensely. Below you will find a series of discussion that I had with just such a person.

One, Two, Three, Four.

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