Monday, August 20, 2007

Who are those kids pictured in your profile?

The two boys on the right of the picture are my sons, and the remaining six are all of their first cousins.

The picture was taken at their Great Grandfather's farm on the Kansas/Colorado border. They are sitting in a large truck full of grain.

My Grandfather will turn 100 years old this November, and he still runs his entire farm with only the help of my Uncle except during harvest. They plant wheat and corn and turn about 250 head of cattle. Not too shabby for two elderly gentlemen. My Grandmother passed away about 13 years ago, and Grandpa and my Uncle have been running things on their own. They never cease to amaze me.

My screen name, Forthekids, was chosen on a whim when I entered my first science forum several years ago. My two boys are actually the ones who prompted me to consider these issues more thoroughly.

When they were preschoolers, they asked so many questions and their obsession with dinosaurs had me surfing the net for answers. I hadn't realized that googling dinosaurs would bring up so many sites in regard to creation and evolution. The innocent questions of children have a way of making you consider issues you'd long since thought you'd understood.

Not long after their endless questions about life in general, I decided to consider my religious position much more thoroughly than I had ever done in the past. One question led to another, and another, and now I find myself blabbing away incessently on line about these issues.

It's a truly fascinating topic.

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